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Long time no see



so little time

too much work, so little time.

'nuff said. 

The invasion of KDrama in my head.

...and I told myself back then that I won't get hooked-up with korean stuff.

"wag ka magsalita ng tapos!"

buuu-buuuu! I just watched this Korean Drama, and I liked it! Why? The story is nice, the twist and all! The characters are amazing and... and... and... ahhh! all in all, the drama was awesome!

Do you guys know the Korean Drama, Rooftop Prince/  Oktab-bang Wangseja starring Park Yuchun of DSBK/JYJ and Han Ji-min?
Dang! Because of that Drama, I got addicted with their theme song; I even downloaded all the albums and OSTs. I also checked some information about DSBK/ Tohoshinki. And, after reading all those info about them, i noticed that band sang the opening song for One Piece and Beelzebub! 

I need to watch Jdramas as well or else I'll keep on watching lovecom Kdramas.

Suggestions anyone? Jdrama?
Dang, I forgot how to use Live Journal. Its been years! There are so many changes here. Trying to get use to it. Haha.

So, what's new? Nothing much. Now working; and outdated on what is happening in the world of jmusic, jdrama and jmovies. I'm not even updated with new songs! I'm still listening to old anime/ jpop song like Driver's High etc. Wow, I'm that old?! LOL.

Anywhoo, saw this movie; Samurai X: The Movie 2012. It's the live action one. One thing I could say about this movie, AweSOME! The graphics, the fight scenes, storyline; its really cool! I really want to watch it again.

And found this new jrock group, one ok rock. Its new for me! D: Anyway, they sound amazing! Time to search in youtube and listen to their songs! :))

I hope I'll remember to update my Live Journal again.

Toodles! :D
AM I THAT OUTDATED?! arashi had a new song!?!

reminds me of... Kanjani 8 tho, BUT I STILL LYK IT! xDDD

why are you so adorable?

minions anyone?

outdated again # i dont know and counting


on whats happening with the world!

i need new songs, videos, but what to download?
i need to decide agaaaad! O: pressure!!!
gah... exams next week.


Jan. 9th, 2010

Bakit ganun? Ang dami kong homeworks pa! May exams pa ako!!! >o<
(Why? I still have so many homeworks to do and I still have two exams this february!)

In short, I'm stressed.

I don't know what to do!!! .____.